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Why Participate

Participation helps attract new patients to your practice. Utilization of in-network dental offices is 50% - 85% for plans administered by ASO/SIDS.

Our application and credentialing process helps ensure that your office is associated with other practices meeting quality of care standards.

How To ApplyApply to Participate »

You can use the link below to apply for participation. You can enter all information about your dentist(s) and office(s) and upload supporting documentation.

Other Benefits of Participation View Marketplace »

We are working with vendors to provide participating dental offices with lower prices of supplies and services you use.

Highlight aspects of your practice and services provided with a customizable online profile.

Expedited claims payment.

New Ways to Participate

While we recommend participating with the Plan's Network, we understand that you may not be willing to accept the Maximum Charge for that Network so we now provide additional ways to highlight your office to patients.

  • MetrodentPlus and MetrodentMax - These networks provide higher Maximum Charges. Many patients in our plans have the option of using dentists participating with these Networks and paying the difference between the Plan's reimbursement and the Discounted Maximum Charge.
  • Custom Discounted Schedule - If your office does not wish to participate with any of our networks, but would provide a discount to patients, we can present your office as an option for our patients.

Call Provider Relations with any questions regarding participation at 516-394-9494 or email us at

As we partner with our participating providers to deliver quality of care and service we are requesting videos of each office to help ensure offices are clean and have up to date equipment and sanitary and safety techniques. Returning your video will qualify you to begin the process toward becoming a ‘5 Star Dentist’ and be highlighted on member searches as well as maintaining your compliance with your Participation Agreement.

This will help us in our mission to associate your office with other practices meeting quality of care standards.

Updload Virtual Visit Video and Docs

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